50 logo design tips from the pros.

50 Logo Design Tips

Grab this free eBook for 50 of the best logo design tips from the pros, created to help you become a better logo designer.

Created by Ian Paget (also known as Logo Geek), with contributions from some of the worlds most influential & talented identity designers including; Aaron Draplin, Michael Bierut, David Airey, Von Glitschka, Jacob Cass & many more!

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What You'll Learn

Before you start

These tips will help you to lay solid foundations before you start working on any logo designs, so you understand what you’re designing and why.

Learning the tools

If you’re new to logo design (or not yet a pro) these tips will help you to learn the tools of the trade, and the techniques needed to design a great logo.

Coming up with ideas

Coming up ideas can be a challenge. These tips will teach you brainstorming techniques to come up with the best logo solutions based on the clients brief.

Digitising your logo

Once you have your best ideas ready you’ll need to create digital artwork. This tips will help you turn your ideas into print ready, scalable vector artwork.

Presenting the designs

A good presentation can make or break a project. These tips will help you present your designs professionally and confidently to get faster approvals.

Preparing the files

When the logo design is approved what do you need to send the client? These tips will help you prepare all the logo files your client will ever need.

About the author

Ian Paget is a UK based graphic designer who runs Logo Geek. He’s on a personal mission to help you become a better logo designer by creating, curating and sharing the worlds best logo design resources. To keep learning, join Ian on Twitter, or Facebook.

Ian would like to send a massive thank you to the amazingly talented designers and individuals who took time out of their busy schedule to share their expert advice for this free eBook. This includes: Aaron Draplin, Michael Bierut, David Airey, Von Glitschka, Jacob Cass, Vince Burkhead, Dina Rodriguez, Brent Galloway, Stuart Crawford and Kyle Courtright.

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